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Tour Itinerary:
Lifting The Veil - 'Initiation into the Ancient Mysteries'
(Sample below; multiple itineraries or custom options available)

Day 1:   Arrive in Cairo where you'll be greeted and transported to your hotel. 'Welcome' dinner.

Day 2:   Today will be spent visiting the Cairo Museum. The rest of the day will be free; to relax, take a dip in the pool and/or adjust to the time change (B, L, D) (Giza) 

Day 3:   Morning flight to Luxor, visit the Karnak Temple complex; featuring 'private time' in the goddess Sekhmet's Shrine. After Lunch and a rest we'll explore the Luxor Temple. (B, L, D,) (Luxor)   

Day 4:   Today the West Bank; Valley of the Kings, Temple of the female King Hatshepsut & Colossi of Memnon. We'll have lunch in the shadow of Medinet Habu temple with a visit therefter. (B, L, D,) (Luxor)

Day 5:  Travel by coach to visit the Temple of Horus at Edfu. (B, L, D) (Luxor)

Day 6:  Dendera; visit the Temple of Hathor, intricately connected with the Horus Temple. Evening presentation in Abydos on the 'Osirion Mysteries', its uses and the 'Work' that took place here. (B, L, D) (Abydos)

Day 7:  Explore the Sety I Temple, Osirion, & Ramesses II temple. (B, L, D) (Abydos)

Day 8:   Fly to Abu Simbel, home of the Temples of Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari. Enjoy a swim in the eternity pool at our hotel overlooking Lake Nasser. Sound and Light show in Evening. (B, L, D) (Abu Simbel)

Day 9:   Sunrise visit to Abu Simbel temples; then transfer to Aswan. Here we visit the Temple of Isis at Philae. After lunch we'll enjoy a relaxing sail on the Nile through a picturesque bird sanctuary within the First Cataract. If time allows we will stop for a camel ride along the banks of a Nubian village where we will be greeted as guests and shown the Nubian way of life. This evening we return to Philae for the beautiful Sound and Light show. (B, L, D,) (Aswan)

Day 10:  Fly to Cairo. Check into hotel overlooking the Giza Plateau. Visit The Step Pyramid and Imhotep Museum at Saqqara. (B, L, D) (Giza)

Day 11:  Today we explore inside the Great Pyramid, visit The Valley Temple and the Sphinx. Then you are free to wander the Giza Plateau, explore tombs or choose to visit the remaining two Pyramids. Tonight; Plateau Sound and Light Show. (B, Farewell Dinner) (Giza)

Days 12:  Free Day; Relax and Reflect OR take this time to explore the surrounding areas according to your individual taste. (B) (Giza).

Day 13:  Transfer to Cairo Airport for flight home. (B)



Lifting The Veil - 'Initiation into the Ancient Mysteries'
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