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Melissa Riley is an independent Egyptologist who specializes in interpreting encoded esoteric knowledge within temple scenes and text. Melissa's research includes years of intense focus, using interdisciplinary methods, combining elements of cryptography with the epigraphic visual analysis of textual evidence and archaeological fieldwork. This has included the study of various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, focusing on its art, language, literature and cult rituals within temples and tombs. Primarily focusing on the Abydos complex and Dendera Temples in Egypt, she's spent years researching the nature of the Mystery Schools, initiations and transformational work that took place at the enigmatic structure known as the Osirion, discovering it's true uses and age.

Melissa has a passion for the spiritual and Wisdom teachings of Ancient Egypt. She has a vast knowledge of the ancient practices, understanding how the Pyramids and Temples were used to activate and enhance the body's energetic pathways. Interpreting the ancient symbolism that reveals how the ab (heart) is the gateway to the Divine. The ab being the balance point between the physical and higher spiritual/vibrational realms is the key component in attaining Oneness with the Divine, to 'become an imperishable star'.

Melissa is able to interpret and point out key temple scenes that were used during initiations to open these pathways enabling the direct experience of the mind/heart connection that creates the 'ladder or staircase to heaven' and ultimately Union with the Divine. The ancient Egyptians mastered various techniques of energy work, altering consciousness to heightened states of awareness for the use of healing and re-pairing these energetic processes on multiple levels including physical, emotional, mental and psychological. Melissa's years of intense study of and working with these energies, has enabled her to decipher the true meaning of the Djed Pillar and the ancient 'Raising of the Djed' ceremony wherein lie the hidden esoteric knowledge surrounding it's true meaning and ritual use in the 'Mystery Schools' of ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians were able to harness and work with the healing modalities encompassing the use of Sekhem, the vital life force of the body. Through these methods one is able to re-connect with the Divine self bringing about the balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies within to achieve ones own self healing. It was on the continuation of this path within the 'Mystery Schools' that the initiates sought the ultimate gift of Wisdom, 'As above, so below' the transformation of the physical body into the ' light body' (Sahu-Glorious Body) or as the Egyptians referred to it; 'to become an Osiris'. Melissa also specializes in keeping alive the profound wisdom and the life story of Omm Sety who was deeply connected to Ancient Abydos. Melissa worked on co-authoring a new book, as yet unpublished, about the 'Osirion' (the below ground structure directly behind the Temple of Sety I, in Abydos) with the late Dr. Hanny El Zeini who was a close friend and former confidant of Omm Sety.



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